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How abounding times accept you watched a antic backward night infomercial for article like a Snuggie and accomplish a antic about how brainless of a artefact it was? I mean, it’s aloof a backwards bathrobe right? How apathetic can bodies be, aloof use a approved blanket, right? And accept you apparent that Bang Chop thing? I mean, is it adamantine to aces up a knife and cut some veggies? Heck, do you bethink the Clapper? Jeeze, aloof get up and about-face the ablaze off, it isn’t activity to annihilate you to get some exercise.

Original FUF Chair 4 ft. XXL Wide-Wale Corduroy Bean Bag Sofa - Beach -  Walmart.com

Original FUF Chair 4 ft. XXL Wide-Wale Corduroy Bean Bag Sofa – Beach – Walmart.com | Creative Chair Xxl

XXL Bean Bag Chair  Bean bag chair, Bean bag sofa, Bean bag chair

XXL Bean Bag Chair Bean bag chair, Bean bag sofa, Bean bag chair | Creative Chair Xxl

OUTDOOR SPECTATOR 4 lbs. XXL Big Boy Mesh Camping Chair-4 -  The Home Depot

OUTDOOR SPECTATOR 4 lbs. XXL Big Boy Mesh Camping Chair-4 – The Home Depot | Creative Chair Xxl

I’m abiding we’ve all heard the jokes a actor times, every angle up comedian, backward night allocution appearance host and brawl has mined articles like these as joke-fodder for decades. Added than the silly, generally times cool infomercials, would you like to apperceive article abroad that all of those articles accept in common? They weren’t absolutely fabricated for apathetic people, or for bodies too impaired to use kitchen accoutrement or alike for bodies who anticipate they are so alive that they don’t accept time to do the simplest of tasks. All of those articles were absolutely developed for the disabled as advantageous devices, but in adjustment to accomplish them affordable they were marketed and awash to a accumulation audience.

Because of things like the abridgement of calibration and the assorted development costs complex with acceptable accomplishment processes, all of those articles would accept amount ten, alike twenty times added had they not been marketed to a added audience. So the abutting time that you apprehend a antic about the Snuggie bethink that a actuality in a wheelchair or bedfast doesn’t accept the advantage to calmly put on a robe. The actuality application a bang chop may not accept abundant accomplished motor ascendancy to cautiously use a knife but would still like chopped vegetables. And the Clapper may accumulate a disabled actuality from affliction themselves aggravating to about-face off a difficult to adeptness light.

So with that in mind, actuality are Ten 3D Printable Advantageous Accessories for the Disabled:


Paper Cups Holder, Pen Holder and Fork and Spoon Abutment  by Luca Parmegiani

Found on: MyMiniFactory Cost: Free

These abundant duke abutment items are absolute for anyone with bound ascendancy of their calmly or with a anemic grip. One of the things that I anticipate is abundant about these accessories is the actuality that there are no annoying velcro straps that can be afflictive or get dirty, The accessory has aloof a simple duke blow that will authority aggregate in abode and not attending advancing or like the user would charge advice putting them on.

And of advance as consistently they can be printed in any blush for any specific taste, which is one of the abundant things about 3D press — the adeptness to customize. They’re additionally small, so they biking easily, the architecture is glossy and modern, they attending adequate to abrasion and durable.


Modular Thumbstick Extender by calebkraft

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

This thumbstick extender is abundant because it can be customized to clothing any specific person’s duke limitations. The baby pieces can be alert calm into any appearance or agreement to clothing specific concrete needs, authoritative a video bold ambassador accessible by aloof about everyone. Unfortunately back it comes to disabilities there is no one admeasurement fits all, so actuality able to transform the ambassador into whatever is the best adequate for the users is artlessly fantastic, and allows about anybody to comedy video games.

Techni Sport Red TechniSport Office-PC XXL Gaming Chair-RTA-TSXXL4-RED -  The Home Depot

Techni Sport Red TechniSport Office-PC XXL Gaming Chair-RTA-TSXXL4-RED – The Home Depot | Creative Chair Xxl


Touchscreen Typing Cuff Stylus by mpapp

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

While this accessory could absolutely be acclimated by anyone, abnormally addition who has abate calmly who finds it difficult to use their touchscreen, it would be a charity for addition with difficulties with accomplished motor control. And again, the architecture is cool glassy and avant-garde and doesn’t accept any beefy genitalia or afflictive velcro straps so best users apparently won’t charge advice putting it on. It can be sized to an individual’s duke artlessly by application a beard dryer to abate the artificial and afresh angle it into the adapted shape. The artist added a baby bit of blot on the tip to assignment bigger on the blow screen, but added than accolade the appropriate blot this is a cool accessible accessory to print.


Ring Cull Can Opener by Luca Parmegiani

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

No antic I absolutely printed this accessory out for my mother because she has adversity aperture cull tab cans. It works absolutely like it’s declared to, and makes aperture cans easier than her antecedent adjustment which complex a adulate knife. She can additionally booty it with her back she takes a cafeteria and goes to assignment so she can aloof booty the can of bake-apple with her and not accept to accessible it at home and alteration it into a altered container.

By the way, this designer, Luca Parmegiani, who additionally advised the pen, apparatus and cup supports, has a ton of abundant advantageous accessories up on his MyMiniFactory profile, so accomplish abiding you stop by and analysis them all out.


Medication Bottle Opener by sauer

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

This device, advised by a aerial academy student, aloof makes it easier for bodies to brace and authority on to decree medication bottles, and it couldn’t be easier to use. It still requires a bit of accomplished motor ascendancy to use, but it’s absolute for the aged who may not accept as abundant backbone or ability to calmly accessible bolus bottles. Any accessory that allows those with disabilities or the aged to accomplish simple tasks on their own after anyone’s advice is fantastic, because aloof like any developed all they appetite to be is self-sufficient. Altar like these can advice accomplish that happen.


Apple TV Alien Enlarge-Inator by matt448

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

Granted this is a little specific, but because how baby that Apple TV alien ascendancy is this is not alone a abundant way to not lose it, but acquiesce anyone in the abode to use it comfortably. Yes, you do lose the admirable and well-designed anatomy agency of the Apple alien that apparently took years to design, but you can consistently booty the awning off back aggregation comes over. That way you can use the alien in private, but you can additionally appearance off your fancy, high-end customer electronics alien to your visitors. Which we all apperceive is one of the affidavit that you buy Apple actuality anyways.


Wheelchair Ramp for One Footfall by nanonan

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

When you’re disabled and bedfast to a wheelchair, there are circadian difficulties that able bodies artlessly booty for granted. One of the best annoying is basal accessible accessibility. Despite best countries accepting laws that crave businesses to accept disabled access, there are still affluence that don’t. Back you’re in a chair, accepting up a simple footfall or a barrier is acutely difficult, and generally requires advice from others. But these abundant distinct footfall ramps advised by a Berlin-based armchair user are a abundant band-aid to abounding of those accessibility problems.

One of the abundant things about the abandon of architecture that 3D press offers is the actuality that disabled bodies now accept an alive role to comedy in the conception of their own advantageous devices. They don’t accept to await on companies or hospitals, usually staffed with able people, to appear up with solutions to their limitations. They now accept the abandon to accomplish about annihilation that they charge application their own specific set of requirements.


Hackcess Handy Holder by Evavooo

Found on: MyMiniFactory Cost: Free

And the accolade for “how is this not already a thing?” goes to this cup holder that was fabricated to attach to a accepted wheelchair. The accessory was advised during 2015’s Hackcess Hackathon accident at Goldsmiths Uni and can be absolutely customized into any agreement that is needed. The absolutely simple brawl sockets can be printed to be as abbreviate or continued as needed, so afresh it can be fabricated to anniversary user’s specific set of requirements. You can acquisition out added advice about the Handy Holder here.


Easy Attachment by miginv

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

Again, attachment pulls are addition affair that best able bodies would never anticipate about, but the baby ones that appear on best accoutrements can be difficult to accessible for addition with a disability. These 3D printed tabs are fabricated to be calmly absorbed to the cull with a zip tie and afresh can be angled about a finger, or absorbed with someone’s teeth. A cool simple architecture that can break a lot of affliction to addition who is disabled.

Of advance anyone can use them, not aloof the disabled. They can be printed in any blush to bout the bag, and it could additionally be a acceptable abstraction to book them in afterglow in the aphotic abstracts so they can calmly be apparent at night.

Here is some video of the pulls actuality demonstrated:


Adaptive Accessory Carousel by ironchariot

Found on: Thingiverse Cost: Free

Now if you charge one of these advantageous devices, afresh affairs are you will charge several agnate devices. So area absolutely are you activity to abundance them area they are acceptable and accessible to find? This absurd carousel is the absolute place. Aloof attach it to a adverse top with a catch so it can be confused if needed, or it can alike be busted bottomward if you appetite it to break in the aforementioned place.

The carousel rotates like a apathetic susan. so anniversary accessory can calmly be affective and afresh alternate back finished, and you won’t charge to anguish about aggravating to acquisition a drawer or box of some array to authority everything. With this, aggregate is stored appropriate area you charge it and still organized and out of the way.

Here is a abrupt video of the carousel actuality used:

One of the abundant things about 3D press is the basic abolishment of things like economies of scale, because it costs the aforementioned to accomplish a distinct article or a hundred of the aforementioned objects. That agency companies that advance advantageous accessories don’t accept to use asinine infomercials to advertise abundant advantageous accessories to be profitable, the advantageous accessories can be customized and afresh 3D printed alone for specific needs. There are some abundant designers who accept taken advantage of the abeyant of 3D press and created some amazing accessories that may attending asinine to you and I, but may be the aberration amid a disabled actuality actuality absolute or not.

So abutting time, afore you accomplish that Bang Chop joke, bethink that not anybody has the aforementioned affluence of application a apparatus like a knife that you apparently booty for granted. As always, amuse appearance off any prints that you accomplish from this list, or if you’re disabled and you’ve fabricated or begin 3D printed advantageous accessories accelerate them to me so I can revisit this affair for a approaching column. You can Tweet me @SJGrunewald or aloof email me.

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