Awesome Steel Chair Shot To The Head

A women’s activity royale was the capital accident and it was Lana who begin a way to be the aftermost woman standing, earning a appellation attack adjoin Asuka abutting week.

Chair shots to the head in wrestling are an unnecessary risk with

Chair shots to the head in wrestling are an unnecessary risk with | Steel Chair Shot To The Head

Report: Cody Rhodes took AEW’s first & last chair shot to the head | Steel Chair Shot To The Head

Stunning Steel Chair Attacks: WWE Top 5

Stunning Steel Chair Attacks: WWE Top 5 | Steel Chair Shot To The Head

Becky Lynch comments on chair shot to the head from Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch comments on chair shot to the head from Sasha Banks | Steel Chair Shot To The Head

The additional night of the WWE Abstract was the focus on Monday Night Raw. Afterwards the alternation of amateur swaps started on Friday, there was a lot larboard in the abstract basin to accomplish both Raw and SmackDown interesting. But this was not the abandoned focal point as there were assorted issues brewing amid the men and women on the roster.

The aboriginal bout of the black was a no-disqualification bout amid Aleister Black and Kevin Owens. They did not delay for the bell, bouncy alfresco the arena on sight. Alfresco the arena they would bang anniversary added into the barricades and Black approved to put Owens through the advertise table that captivated up to his weight.

Back in the arena animate chairs would appear into the equation. Owens attempted to super-plex Black through the chairs, but instead took a brace of knees off the top through the chairs. Black fabricated the aberration of afterward Owens alfresco the ring. The miscalculation on the Black Mask acquired him to hit the animate post, acceptance Owens to cycle aback in, hit the Stunner and powerbomb Black through the table for the victory.

An ad-lib bout amid Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, and AJ Styles kicked off aback the three men could not appear to an acceding about who’s “ring” they were continuing in. Styles and Rollins teamed up aboriginal to booty out Hardy, but Styles bound angry on Rollins. Their falling out accustomed for Hardy to get aback into the match, but it was not continued until Rollins bent him off bouncer to booty control.

AEW Bans Chair Shots To The Head Following Cody Rhodes Scare

AEW Bans Chair Shots To The Head Following Cody Rhodes Scare | Steel Chair Shot To The Head

Hardy had some big moments, about putting abroad both Rollins and Hardy. The three men kept accomplishing their best to win this first-time match. Rollins went to hit the Curb Stomp on Styles, but Hardy launched himself off Styles to acreage a DDT to Rollins. Styles bound Rollins into the Calf Crusher afresh formed out of the way as Hardy landed the Swanton Bomb, but still Rollins kicked out of the pin attempt. Elias came out of no area to accident his guitar over Hardy’s aback and Styles best up the win.

Women’s tag aggregation activity was up abutting aback Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose faced off adjoin Natalya and Lana already again. Natalya and Lana took to assault up Brooke for abundant of the aboriginal moments. Lana got absent by Rose which accustomed Brooke to get the tag. Rose got in some breach and tagged Brooke aback in the arena for her to hit the Senton Bomb and aces up the win.

Tag aggregation partners, Angel Garza and Andrade assuredly had their one-on-one match. Andrade went afterwards Garza’s heavily-taped leg to alpha the match. Garza was on the accepting end of abundant of the breach until an beneath handed tactic he acclimated alfresco of the ring. He formed Andrade aback in the arena and hit him with the Wing Clipper to aces up the victory.

The new Monday Night Raw tag aggregation champions, the New Day, dedicated their titles adjoin above champions, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The champions and challengers had a back-and-forth grappling bout aboriginal until Roode buried Kofi Kingston on the aback of his hand, acceptance Ziggler to hit a Fame Asser for a two-count.

Roode and Ziggler would abstract Kingston, tagging in and out to ascendancy the above champion. Woods got the tag and bound austere the arena of the challengers, rolling with breach of his own. Woods about apprenticed Ziggler over his head, but Ziggler countered and about affianced him in the ring. Roode attempted to cycle Woods up but he absent the tag, accustomed the New Day to bolt him with the Midnight Hour and accumulate the titles about their waists.

Ricochet capital to end things with the Hurt Business with one added match. If he were able to defeat Cedric Alexander, the beef amid he and the accumulation would be over. If he were to lose to Cedric, that agency he joins the group. Ricochet was out in the arena abandoned and Alexander was all over him from the start. Ricochet got things aback in his favor and kept Alexander off balance, but Alexander landed a Michinoku Driver. Ricochet was still able to bang out. The Hurt Business attempted to use a animate chair, but Ricochet tricked the adjudicator into disqualifying Alexander, acceptance him to get the achievement and end the feud.

The dual-brand women’s activity royale was set to actuate a top amateur for Asuka. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler did best of the assignment aboriginal allowance women out of the ring. That all came to an end with Baszler helped the added women bung Jax over the top. Another big moment came aback Bianca Belair alone Baszler on her lonesome. Belair was eventually alone by the Riott Squad. The final two women in the end would be Lacey Evans and Natalya. It looked like Natalya had won the match, but somehow Lana was still in the bout and kicked her above tag accomplice off the accessory to win.

Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black via pin fall

AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins in a triple-threat via pin fall

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke defeated Lana and Natalya via pin fall

Ricochet defeated Cedric Alexander via disqualification

Angel Garza defeated Andrade via pin fall

The New Day defeated Dolph Ziggler and Boddy Roode via pin fall

Lana wins the women’s activity royale

Awesome Steel Chair Shot To The Head – Steel Chair Shot To The Head
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