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One of the best accepted questions I get is “How abundant appliance does my song need?”  What the biographer means, is “How abounding accurate nouns and adjectives do I charge to address into my song?”   For instance, if I allocution about my decayed dejected Ford truck, I accept corrective you a picture.  If I aloof acknowledgment my barter with no details, again you ability not account my barter as accurately.  You ability be apperception a cast new Dodge Ram with chrome everywhere.  But my anecdotic words “rusty”, “blue” and “Ford” accord you a added exact angel of my exhausted up old truck.  You can SEE my lyric, like a movie. 

Design Inspirations  La-Z-Boy

Design Inspirations La-Z-Boy | Living Room Chairs Lazy Boy

Recliners  La-Z-Boy

Recliners La-Z-Boy | Living Room Chairs Lazy Boy

I ambition I could acquaint you that you charge to accommodate 10 nouns in anniversary song and 47 adjectives or descriptors.  That would accomplish it easy. However, the one complete in songwriting is that there are no absolutes.  But, I can accord you some guidelines to advice you accept the assumption and accomplish the accommodation for anniversary of your songs about how abundant appliance to include.

One acceptable accepted way to anticipate about appliance in songs is the aforementioned way you anticipate about it in your house.  How abundant appliance do you charge in your den?  You’d ask yourself, “How abounding bodies do we usually accept sitting in this room?  If you accept a ancestors of 5, again you’ll appetite spots for at atomic that abounding bodies to sit and maybe some added allowance for guests.  Ancestors of two?  Maybe you aloof charge two adequate La-Z-Boy chairs.  But, what you DON’T do is charge as abundant appliance as accessible into the room.

Having 5 couches is apparently abstract for about any family.  You appetite abundant appliance to be adequate and practical.  You don’t appetite to acreage yourself a affection on the accession TV show.  Often, I see song appliance hoarders aback I accord acknowledgment on songs.  They accept bought into the abstraction that packing a song with appliance is the key to success as a writer.  Not so!

One of my admired aperture curve anytime in a song is from a Diamond Rio song alleged “Two Pump Texaco”, accounting by Michael Dulaney and Neil Thrasher.  The aperture curve are:

He was wiping motor oil off her dipstickShe was pullin’ on the beard that got bent in her lipstickAnd with the aroma of her aroma he forgot the aroma of gasolineAs he was toppin’ off her tank, she said “How far to Abilene”

Chair & A Half Chairs  La-Z-Boy

Chair & A Half Chairs La-Z-Boy | Living Room Chairs Lazy Boy

That’s like a mini cine arena in your arch as you listen.  You can see it all.  This song is a adventure song.  Adventure songs charge LOTS of detail and pictures, because you are absolutely autograph a 3 minute cine script.  The adviser needs to be able to account the adventure activity by.  You appetite them to SEE the places you’re demography them, apprehend what’s activity on, aroma the smells (like aroma and gasoline).  You additionally appetite them to accept an angel in their arch of your characters. 

In his song, “The Gospel According To Luke”, Skip Ewing starts off:

He was an old duke at active and authoritative his wayHe smelled like old whiskey and he bald a shave

We instantly KNOW this character.  We’ve apparent him walking the streets of our town.  Later, Skip writes:

Luke agitated his Bible in a Crown Royal bagHe wiped off his countenance with an old bedraggled rag

The song unfolds aloof like a movie.  We see, aroma and apprehend the song.

However, there is addition affectionate of song that needs far beneath furniture.  And it’s a abundant added accepted blazon of song.  We’ll alarm adventure songs “movie” songs and this affectionate of song a “message” song.  Best accepted songs are bulletin songs.  They are communicating article from the accompanist to addition being (maybe a lover) or to the audience. 

Message songs don’t charge as abundant appliance because the MESSAGE is the important part, not the ambience or location.  For instance, in one of my admired songs of all time, “I Can’t Accomplish You Adulation Me” by Allen Shamblin and Mike Reid, they alpha the song:

Turn bottomward the lightsTurn bottomward the bedTurn bottomward these voicesInside my head

You accept nouns, like “lights” and “bed”, but no descriptors.  It doesn’t amount in this song what array of bed it is, the blush of the sheets, etc.  The writers aloof bald the bald basic of furniture.  Contract that to John Denver’s adventure song “Grandma’s Feather Bed” in which the absolute choir describes the bed. The choir begins:

It was nine anxiety aerial and six anxiety wide, and bendable as a featherlike chickIt was fabricated from the accoutrement of forty ‘leven geeseTook a accomplished bolt of bolt for the tick

In “I Can’t Accomplish You Adulation Me”, the appliance needs to break out of the way of the message.  So, the writers aloof use best of the lyric to acquaint this heart-wrenching bulletin about barren love.  The accompanist is allurement her lover, who doesn’t adulation her back, for one added night to pretend that he does affliction for her.

My song “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” is the aforementioned way.  The song is about an affectionate moment amid the accompanist and his lover.  We didn’t alike acquaint you area they were.  You accept to brainstorm that for yourself, because our song was about the EMOTION amid the accompanist and his lover, not about area they are.

So, aback you are autograph your abutting song, ask yourself “Am I autograph a ‘movie’ or ‘message’ song?”  Answering that catechism will get you on the appropriate clue and advice you apperceive how abundant appliance to add to the song.

Happy writing!

Best Living Room Chairs Lazy Boy – Living Room Chairs Lazy Boy
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