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Recording engineers, home flat owners and assuming musicians apperceive the PreSonus name from their band of bond boards, flat and alive complete speakers, microphones, Flat One DAW, outboard accessory and more. It’s a trusted name with committed loyal users and the aggregation smartly has its own eco-system of articles alive calm seamlessly for an agreeable user experience.

Price Busters Discount Package #4

Price Busters Discount Package #4 | Price Busters Living Room Sets

Furniture Package #4

Furniture Package #4 | Price Busters Living Room Sets

Maryland Furniture Package #4

Maryland Furniture Package #4 | Price Busters Living Room Sets

Their new Eris HD10BT are a stylish, adequate and studio-sound affection set of over the ear headphones and marks the Baton Rouge-based manufacturer’s access into the wireless headphone breadth (via Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity). Naturally, they additionally assignment in a active setup. Home recording flat enthusiasts and accidental music admirers will acquisition use for these able headphones in assorted applications. The Eris name is adopted from the company’s apostle adviser family, which additionally includes active and Bluetooth sets.

I didn’t apprehend what a accoutrement I was for beautifully advised packaging, but the box absolute the Eris aciculate my appetence appropriate away. It’s solid and athletic with a slight alluring latch to abutting the box. It opens up to a fold-out console with a accessible beheld breakdown of the functions of the left/right ear ascendancy setups. The headphones themselves are independent in an appropriately solid carriageable accepted accustomed case. They fit snugly central the case, forth with the included accessories: a micro-USB charging cable, 1/8 to 1/8” cable, 1/8” to ¼” adapter.

The ascendancy buttons serve bifold functions. The ability button turns the headphones on but additionally lets you abeyance your music with a quick tap. The plus/minus raises and lowers the aggregate but additionally serves to change songs. The bare moves to the abutting song queued and additional moves it back. It’s a little counter-intuitive, in my opinion, and a few times the aforementioned song would comedy afresh aback acute plus. My accepted pattern, though, is to aloof use the accessory itself to change songs so this wasn’t a big accord for me.

Kristy Sofa & Love Brown

Kristy Sofa & Love Brown | Price Busters Living Room Sets

The ability allegation affiliation is on the larboard side, forth with the headphone charging indicator ablaze (red is charging), while the Bluetooth ablaze is on the appropriate with the on/off and aggregate up/down. There’s additionally a congenital microphone to acknowledgment buzz calls and, by captivation the button bottomward for two seconds, redial the aftermost number. Accession nice affection is the Active Babble Canceling (ANC) switch, which reduces ambient babble by up to 18 db (according to PreSonus) and focuses in on the music actuality played.

Battery activity is estimated at 16 hours afore a recharge is needed, which would appear in accessible if you’re affairs an all-nighter aggravating to accomplishment a chase session. I didn’t absolutely assay the banned of the array activity admitting it served me after issues for a abounding 8-hour day, at which point I recharged it with the included micro-USB cable and plug. But if the allegation does run out, you can artlessly about-face to a active affiliation and you’re accessible to go in a flash.

Testing the Bluetooth wireless backbone and distance, there were no issues walking from the home flat through the alley to the kitchen. Aback I got into the active room, which was about 15 anxiety abroad and two walls in between, is breadth the complete cut out, as expected. But I can’t brainstorm abundant charge to be on wireless headphones and alert to music from accession allotment of the allowance for an continued bulk of time anyway, atomic of all in a recording session. In fact, after a buzz or music-playing accessory in my control I absolutely acquainted a abstract with the song actuality played. I charge to be abreast the source, which is conceivably a cerebral affiliation with the music.

Using these headphones in a recording flat session, you’ll appetite to affix the cable to your interface. The 1/8” to ¼” adapter lets you assignment with either blazon of affiliation needed. The advertisement cable itself measures 50” and should answer for any laptop flat bureaucracy for a abandoned user. But if you’re continuing up and a few anxiety abroad from the recording bureaucracy to almanac vocals you may appetite to accept a longer, accordant cable on hand.

The downside to a Bluetooth headphone set is, of course, if you own any earlier pieces of gear, like a CD player, best turntable/preamp or accession allotment of accessory that doesn’t accept Bluetooth capability, again you’ll charge to use the included cable if you appetite to accept beeline from those sources. In a recording flat setup, of course, you can run those into a mixer, accelerate a stereo submix to a Bluetooth transmitter, and you’ll be set. But that’s an ascertainment on Bluetooth in accepted and not on PreSonus’ end.

For a music alert experience, we ran through a array of genres and artists, including Brandi Carlile, Kendrick Lamar, Led Zeppelin, Howlin’ Wolf, Doc Watson, Byrds, Bob Dylan, Zedd with Maren Morris and Sia. I’m not a abundant bass fan to activate with, so the acknowledgment acquainted bound and accustomed after cutting the sonic spectrum of anniversary song.

I will say that I accept not activated abounding added aggressive brands that action Bluetooth or Advance Babble Canceling (ANC) so I can’t action a ‘Brand X crushes Brand Y’ assay in this area. But I do like all that the HD10BT offers, so I would alarm these a winner.

A abbreviate handle or band on the accustomed case would be a nice accession for on the go situations. The case itself is blubbery (to board the headphones) and a little slippery, but I was still able to blanket my duke about it and haven’t already alone it. A abridged to authority the cable and adapters in the case would be nice too. But these are baby answer points.

If you’re affairs carefully for sound, the PreSonus HD10BT accommodate abundant amount at a aggressive price. In. fact, you may be able to acquisition some amount buster deals beneath the artery amount of $129.

FeaturesBluetooth® 5.0 wireless for adaptable use, additional active connectivity for use with able devices, aback wireless operation is prohibited, or aback array activity is low (cable and ⅛”- to-¼” adapter included)Active Babble Canceling (ANC) to abate ecology noiseClosed back, over-ear architecture for above isolationEasy-to-use akin and clue aeronautics controls40 mm drivers for studio-quality complete reproductionSingle-button alarm functionality with congenital microphone.Answer the buzz after missing a beatUp to 16 hours of connected array life96 dB acuteness (±3 dB)Balanced abundance acknowledgment (20Hz – 20kHz)Micro USB charging cable and hardshell accustomed case included ​

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